The following committees have been established by the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please email


The purpose of the Membership committee is to develop the Chapter's membership through Chapter meetings and to ensure we are meeting the needs of the Chapter members.

Committee Positions

Marketing Liaison

  • Act as a content creator for the Membership committee
  • Liaise with Marketing committee to provide content and request Marketing services

Retention Manager

  • Manage membership records - update member and marketing lists
  • Track attendance at Chapter events
  • Analyze member patterns/conversion ratios
  • Develop and execute retention program
  • Develop and execute surveys

Hospitality Manager

  • Manages volunteers for welcome table at events (greeting, sign ins, accepting funds)
  • Organizes icebreakers and raffles for events

Membership Manager

  • Promotes benefits of membership
  • Develops membership card and benefit program
  • Maintains the stakeholders view of value and ensures delivery

Logistic Manager(s)

  • Speaker management
    • Solicits ideas for new speakers and topics
    • Contact potential speakers to explain our core audience and requirements
    • Negotiate logistics of meeting with both speaker and venue to ensure all needs are met
    • Greet speaker and introduce him/her during the event
  •  Event Patron Management
    • Solicit potential event patrons to cover lunch for Chapter meetings
    • Partner with meeting venue for delivery
    • Coordinate advertising of sponsorship
    • Recognize sponsor during the Chapter meeting

Marketing and Communications

The purpose of the Marketing and Communications committee is to keep the stakeholders of the IIBA OKC Chapter informed of applicable IIBA and business analysis topics, including:

- Chapter events and activities

- Educational opportunities

- Career information

- Business analysis topics

- IIBA® International information and events

The Marketing and Communications committee is responsible for developing a marketing and communication plan, enabling communication between the chapter and the business analyst community and ensuring proper use of the IIBA® Corporate Identity Standards.

Various forms of communication will be utilized and will be defined in detail in the IIBA OKC Marketing and Communications Plan, including printed media (brochures, newsletters, etc.), social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and electronic media (website, emails, newsletters, information packets, etc.).

Committee Positions

Social Media Manager

  • Administer Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
  • Develop a Social Media Policy and monitor sites for usage and adherence to policy


  • Administer the Chapter website
  • Develop and maintain the chapter website structure and plan
  • Ensure website meets the IIBA standards and adheres to the Chapter Marketing Policy
  • Maintain registered users and groups

 Communications Manager

  • Ensure Chapter communications are received, processed and disseminated appropriately
  • Create and send Chapter communication
  • Create newsletters

Professional Development

The Professional Development committee will focus primarily on preparing individuals for the CBAP® designation and providing training content during monthly chapter support the CBAP® process.

Activities may include: coordinating meeting times, agendas and resources for CBAP study groups / training sessions; tracking volunteer efforts for all involved; preparation of training / study materials and other activities as deemed warranted by consensus of committee members.

Committeee Positions

Certification Resources Manager

  • Manages certification services provided to members 
  • Certification Guide maintenance and delivery
  • CBAP/CCBA study guide/group coordination
  • CBAP/CCBA interest identification and categorization
  • Solicit volunteers to help with study groups

 Developmental Services Manager

  • Manages Professional Development events and services
  • Workshop series coordination
  • Mentorship coordination
  • Identification and communication of appropriate educational tools and opportunities

Vendor Liaison

  • Liaises with vendors in order to acquire professional development services for chapter members, such as
    • Discounts
    • Event sponsorship
    • Curriculum development
    • Conference participation

Marketing Liaison

  • Content creator for website and other marketing material
  • Liaises with Marketing Committee to provide content and request marketing services

Corporate Development/Sponsorship

Members in this committee will assist the President in soliciting and securing Corporate Sponsorships as well as in kind donations from local businesses.

Special Events

Members in this committee will work with the President to organize special events and activities throughout the year, including but not limited to :  Happy Hour/Networking, Holiday Chapter Event, Charitable Fundraisers, and professional conferences, forums, etc.

Committee Positions


  • Leads the committee in brainstorming ideas for events
  • Liaises with the Board of Directors for submitting proposals, requesting budget items, etc.

Marketing Liaison

  • Content creator for website and other marketing material
  • Liaises with Marketing Committee to provide content and request marketing services

Happy Hour Coordinator

  • Coordinates casual happy hour events for members
  • Coordinates networking events with other professional organizations or recruiting firms

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Coordinate volunteer opportunities such as
    • Charity event participation
    • Donation of time/services
    • Fundraising on behalf of the committee

Annual General Meeting Coordinator

  • Act as the head coordinator for logistics of the Chapter Annual General Meeting including:
    • Venue
    • Dinner
    • Audio/Visual
    • Raffles/activities


Members in this committee will work with the President to ensure that we are staying inline with the IIBA® International and Regional regulations as well as adhering to any local regulations.

Members will assist in creating, revising and organizing a chapter policy and procedure manual.